Taking the Belgian State and Brussels Police to court

Taking the Belgian State and Brussels Police to court #noborder

Next weekwill be the first day of the trial of the Belgian government and the Brussels police, brought by myself and four others preemptively arrested on 29 September 2010, before and during the major European trade union demonstration in Brussels. That day, about 300 people were arrested, present at this demonstration or on their way to it, just because the police found they looked “alternative”.

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No Border Trial - Call To Gathering

No Border Trial - Call To Gathering, October 22, 2014 Palace de (in)Justice Brussels

Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Place Poelaert – Poelaertplein, Brussels 8.15 am

Video of arrestations on 29 September 2010:

Between September 26 and October 1, 2010 Brussels hosted several demonstrations as well as a NoBorder Camp on the theme of freedom of movement.
During this period some 450 so-called preventive arrests were made by…

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spinning plates


spinning plates

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Where are we now with the open source, federated social web? There is diaspora* which has a bit of momentum now, but which lacks in functionality for those looking for a FB replacement. There is Identi.ca, which according to me has lost functionality and usability since moving from StatusNet to pump.io. There is Red Matrix, which has a lot of functionality, is interoperable with diaspora* and Friendica, but which is a usability nightmare. And there is Movim, which looks quite sleek, has more functionality then diaspora, but communicates using XMPP, which makes it impossible to connect to diaspora or Red, whereas XMPP/Jabber is (still) mainly used for basic chat functionality. I would hope that there was a way to pull this all together and make one nice platform, or even a couple of platforms but in such a way that they can communicate. Still, feels like we are getting somewhere.

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Alright, let’s do this syndicated social web thing right! I’ve set up my own Friendica pod! No adds, no one to sell my private data, full control! How about that? ;)

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The Gate Misogyny Built


"#GamerGate" is not a new phenomena. Underneath a thin veneer of concern about journalistic ethics, nepotism and bias, #GamerGate is just another sexist hate campaign. It’s not about changing games media for the better. It’s about forcing progressive voices out of the industry. It’s about defending the perceived sanctity of games and "gamers". It’s about preserving the status quo.

This article summarizes events characterized by pervasive sexism, racism, transmisogyny, ableism, harassment, threats of violence, rape, and suicide. Please exercise caution when following any and all links.

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Not that I was ever a big fan of 4chan, but their agresive misogyny is much worse than I imagined.

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