It’s Oh So Quiet

It’s Oh So Quiet

It has been exactly 2 months since my last blog post. So much for writing a post per week. So much has happened that I couldn’t even begin to write it down. Well, maybe I should try:

I left Cape Town for the Tankwa semi desert and helped build and build and build and build and then build some more, the biggest thing they’d ever seen at AfrikaBurn. Subterrafuge surpassed everyone’s imagination,…

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Coming home to Tankwa

Coming home to Tankwa

I’m just back in Cape Town from a four-day working trip to the Tankwa Karoo to help build Subterrafuge. Arriving around midnight Wednesday night, driving through mud puddles from the couple of rainy days, pitching my tent in the rocky soil, it didn’t register yet but I was coming home. The last few years my home has been everywhere and nowhere. In the same way I came home driving my van onto the…

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Bye bye Woodstock

In my relentless quest for couches in Cape Town to crash on, I have arrived in Table View, which for most living in the City Bowl sounds like the end of the road. Wood MyCiTi station used to be the end of the T01 bus line, and it will be one of my last stops before returning to Europe. I’ve bought my Shosholoza Meyl train ticket to Joburg yesterday for less than 2 months from now. These last…

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Time flies

Another Wednesday has come and gone without me posting anything here. I know, it’s becoming embarrassing. All I can say is that time is flying, in little over 2 months I’ll be flying back to Europe. And before that there is of course AfrikaBurn, one of the big reasons I’m here in South Africa. I’ve hooked up with Subterrafuge, in the words of Travis & the AfrikaBurn Comms team: “The biggest…

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Joys of Laughter - Huda

Building excitement!

I’m very excited, it’s getting closer to the Burn in Tankwa and I am very happy to be on the crew of Subterrafuge who will be building the tallest structure ever built on the Karoo. I’m equally excited about Nowhere, where we will be building our Wondereverbarrio for the second time and it’s going to be bigger and better. Well def more people camping with us, and looking forward to building an…

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What a ride

What a roller coaster ride the last days have been.

I know I’m lagging behind with my weekly posts on Wednesday, but if last week was hectic, it has now become a roller coaster ride. After my last post on Friday I felt I deserved a good night out, so that’s what I had. Warming up with some beers at Rafikis, hipster central on Kloofnek, hanging in the smokers alley and dancing at Aces and Spades and finishing up with a drink at Stones in Obz,…

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I didn’t post on Wednesday this week, which is the first time since my pledge to have a new blog post every Wednesday.

Wiser and older
Wake Me Up – Avicii

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I’ve finally got my Fairphone. Years after hearing about the idea’s behind it and eight months…

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